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Do’s and don’ts for a stress-free pregnancy

Pregnancy forms a significant part of a woman’s life and it opens up a new life for the unborn child and the woman carrying the child.

During pregnancy, it is very important that an expecting mother remains observant and pays special attention and care to herself to ensure a beautiful and wonderful pregnancy period and a good delivery of the child.

Following tips can help a woman enjoy pregnancy to the fullest and ensure smooth going till the baby is born.

Visit a good gynaecologist. The doctor will prescribe you few medicines to meet the extra need of nutrients for healthy development of the foetus.

Visit your gynaecologist on regular intervals. Check your wellness condition and that of the foetus.

Incorporate all nutrients in your diet. During this period, you might crave for junk or unhealthy food but there is no space for such food in healthy pregnancy. Whatever you are eating, you are feeding your fetus the same. So eat a nutritious and well balanced diet.

Never skip any meal of the day. Eat small portions frequently.

Keep your body well hydrated. Drink plenty of water. Increase your intake of healthy fluids like home made fresh fruit juices, lemon water and coconut water.

Weight gain in pregnancy is natural for every woman. Hence, exercise regularly to keep fit and active. Brisk walk, swimming and prenatal yoga are safe exercises during this period.

Take adequate rest. Don’t overexert yourself physically.

Morning sickness, headache, cramps, backache and swollen feet are common problems during pregnancy. Try to avoid the things which trigger these discomforts.

Wear loose and comfortable clothes. Pack your heels away for few months. Wear flat and comfortable foot wears.

Stay happy. Forget all your worries and stress and enjoy the moment. The state of the mind is very important for the healthy development of the foetus as well as your health.

Keep away from negative things. Indulge in activities that make you feel good.
Spend quality time with your loved ones.

At times you may feel some stress. Meditation and breathing exercises are the best solution to keep the stress at bay.

Be extra careful to protect yourself from infections and communicable diseases.

Don’t feel nervous thinking about the delivery and labour pains. Enjoy every moment of it. Live this special moment with joy.

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