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PM urges India, Pakistan to exercise restraints

Leader of Parliament and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday urged the leaders of India and Pakistan to exercise restrains in their conflicts for saving the people of South Asia from any kind of sufferings.

‘We want peace in South Asia. We never want any conflict or tense situation in the region as Bangladesh would also be a victim of any such situation,’ the leader of the House said while giving her valedictory speech in the 12th session of the 10th Jayita Sangsad.

Sheikh Hasina said her government is striving to take forward the country towards peace and prosperity. So we don’t expect any conflict in this region, she said.

During her 31-minute speech, the prime minister expressed her determination to take stern action against the culprit involved in the recent attack on college girl Khadiza in Sylhet, according to a news agency.

‘A section of the press and a vested quarter are out to highlight the incident from political point of view. But we are not giving the culprit any indulgence and the offender must get punishment,’ she said.

In this regard the prime minister criticized the onlookers who didn’t come forward to protect Khadiza on the spot as well as BNP leaders who are also trying to explain the incident from political outlook.

‘It’s my conviction that people have learned carrying out such atrocities from the movement of BNP and Jamaat in 2013 and 2015 when they brutally bunt people and police alive in broad daylight,’ the prime minister said adding that the brutality of BNP and Jamaat taught people to be so wilder.

The prime minister also reiterated her government’s firm stance on militancy and terrorism saying legal action against the menaces would continue.

In this regard she sought support particularly urging the guardians and teachers to keep information about the children.

As well the Imams of all mosques should preach perfectly to motivate the youths to learn the real teachings of Islam, she said adding that the militants through their misinterpretation are making the lives of Muslims endangered.

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